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Our Team is Pretty Awesome

We know great people when we see them! 
Our hiring philosophy is based on recruiting the freshest young minds from a range of specialities and focusing on training them to the highest standard of digital marketing excellence; bringing that expertise to your digital fingertips!
Each member of the Xune team gets an allowance of 20% of their time to further their learning in their respective speciality. 
Misha Cunningham Xune Solutions Managing Director

Misha Cunningham

Managing Director

Anna Kearney

Anna Kearney

Creative Director

Our Superheroes

Elliot - Scatena - Avatar

Elliot Scatena

Digital Marketing - Strategy, Content & Account Management

Anastajia Xune digital marketer

Anastasija Dvornicyna

Digital Marketing - Implementation & Automation

Cartoon of Maggie, Xune Solution Growth Agency Digital Marketer

Maggie Atkinson

Digital Marketing - Email, Content & Social Media

Cartoon of Spencer, Xune Solution Growth Agency Digital Marketer

Spencer Booth

Digital Marketing - Content, Social Media & Advertising

Jacob Marsay

Website Designer - WordPress

Robert Gilevic Web Developer at Xune Solutions

Robert Gilevic

Website Designer & Developer - WordPress, Shopify & Custom

Indranil Bhattacharya

Digital Marketing - Social Media & Advertising

Megan Armer

Sale Executive

Nabil Ahmad

UI UX and Graphic Designer

Dotun Omosebi

Website Developer - WordPress & Custom

Joe Hughes

Project Manager

ILYA Fedorov

Sales Executive

Outsource to Our Team

One of the biggest pitfalls we see with growing companies is fear to take the leap into their growth. Many companies want to “test the waters” or “start off small”. But we often meet companies who fail to invest enough in their own success. 

The good news is, we see your value and our goal is to help you share your value with the world (wide web).

How We Work

Diagram indicating Our team made up of freshest minds with bright and brilliant marketing ideas

Career Building

We’re a team of career marketers with varied skill sets who take pride in building up the freshest young UK minds to become the marketing superstars of the future.

'Our team' at Xune delivering market analysis diagram

Proven Methodologies

Facilitating the application of the latest marketing techniques including: Growth Marketing, eCommerce Marketing, Email Marketing, Marketing Automation and Web Design.

Analytics diagram indicating 'Our team's allowance of 20% time for personal learning

20% Time

Every member of the team enjoys an allowance of 20% of their paid work hours for self development. Often used to keep up-to-date with the latest marketing trends.

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Why Us?

You’re in safe hands. We’ve spent years honing our skills so you don’t have to be an expert in marketing. You just need to hire us. That’s team Xune. 

Growth Marketing Philosophy WIth Xune Solutions

What We Believe

We design and strategise based on our core values of growth marketing. Growth comes from working with these three effective levers in a way that suits your company goals. Remove one segment and growth may be slower than desired, that’s where we can work with you to create a strategy where everything is accounted for.

What We Solve

Increasing Your Search Visbility with SEO


Met your customers in all the places they hang out online. From search engines to social media.

'Our team' builds brand trust by creating right conversations with customers for businesses

Lack of Brand Trust

Start conversations that matter with your key audience and get the elusive buzz around your business.

Nurturing in Growth Marketing Auto-Pilot

User Experience

Focus your efforts in high value catchment areas with local and national SEO techniques

Digital Growth Agency Xune Solutions

Low Sales Velocity

Control the ever expanding overheads of putting more bums on seats in your sales and marketing departments.

Diagram indicating Our team made up of freshest minds with bright and brilliant marketing ideas

High Marketing Overheads

Scale with: eCommerce marketing, growth marketing, content marketing and marketing automation.

Scale Up Digital Marketing

Slow Digital Growth

Track all marketing and sales touch points to prove your investment has delivered increase revenue.