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Xune Work Culture – Another Bank Holiday Break

Marketing is never simple. There have always been obstacles to overcome, a new task to complete or a new client to bring on-board. Team Xune have been in the zone this week, pushing ourselves to be the best we can be and using teamwork, collaboration and communication to get the job done correctly. 


Let’s take a glimpse into Team Xune’s latest developments during the past week with the tasks we completed, the positive culture we encourage and the attitude that we bring to the table. 

Relaxing May Bank Holiday

May has arrived which means for us living in the United Kingdom, we get a bank holiday! Most of the team had the day off and we were very excited to spend the day in the sunshine with friends and family.


Obviously, that wasn’t the case with the typical British weather coming out to haunt us. Spencer had a relaxing day at home and charged his batteries ready for the week ahead. Maggie spent the day with her friends and enjoyed some delicious fried chicken.

Elliot was the first of the team to venture out into the rain and tried out a new vegan café. I don’t usually take food recommendations seriously, but according to Elliot, the vegan chocolate cake is delicious!


Anastasija went to the shopping centre that you either love or hate: Meadowhall. On one hand, it has some of the best clothing stores that you won’t find anywhere else. On the other hand, it’s guaranteed to be filled right up to the top with people. Jacob worked through the bank holiday as he wanted to get some important tasks ticked off. Although not as exciting as the rest of us, he got a chicken burrito as an after-work treat. Very tasty indeed!

Blog Mania Incoming….

Blogs, blogs and a whole lot more blogs! 


The past few days have been a challenge for the marketing team, but certainly an exciting one. A new client had a massive amount of blogs on their website and we needed to make changes to them. Improve the formatting, the quality of the posts and generally make them look a bit more attractive. The only problem being: there were over seven hundred blogs! 


We divided the labour between us and got straight to work. Collaboration and communication are key in these sorts of situations. After coming up with a strategy, we got straight to work.

Case Study Portfolio

As Maggie & Spencer’s apprenticeships come closer and closer to the end, it is now time for them to perfect their portfolio.


Marketing apprentices are required to create case studies of the work they do on the job and place them on their portfolio. We each get a portfolio that we place all of our best work onto. This portfolio then gets marked by a professional and the apprentice receives a grade.


Maggie & Spencer have been making changes to their portfolio, updating them and making changes when necessary to get the best grade possible. 

Knowledge is Power

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