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Xune Work Culture – Barbeque Frenzy

Lockdown restrictions have been eased for a couple of weeks now and we’ve all finally adapted back to our regular lives. Shops are back open, pub beer gardens are electric and positive vibes are back on the table. Life is changing, which means that there’s a great opportunity for marketing… 


Let’s take an inside look at the latest developments with Team Xune this week and for a glimpse into the office lifestyle we’ve returned to.

Weekend BBQ Treats

A party, did someone say? 


Don’t worry, we didn’t have a real party and we distanced ourselves from each other. We actually had a barbeque for the first time as an agency and boy, did we go over the top?! Burgers infused with cheese, succulent sausages, spicy marinated chicken and even halloumi slices, we had everything you could imagine for a barbeque and it was very tasty.

A couple of afternoon drinks and a FIFA tournament later, we had an amazing time. I asked Maggie to tell me about her day and she responded:


“I can’t remember much of it I won’t lie, but from what I remember it was a lot of fun! I had a good time, seeing my colleagues and enjoying the sunshine”


“I started making the food (before getting distracted by adorable kittens) and it tasted delicious so I’m taking credit for how good it was.”


Sounds like Maggie certainly enjoyed herself!

Office Lifestyle - How We’ve Adapted

No longer working from home, the Xune Office has been open for a while now and the majority of the team have been back in business. Working hard from the office, using Google Meets to contact other team members is still standard practise and we’ve been having a lot more group meetings recently. 


The “Ask Me Anything’s” have continued also with Misha, the managing director. It’s been giving our brain a kick every morning and there have been some really compelling discussions regarding tasks and projects. This is helping all the team with task issues, improvements and creating the best work we can.

Xune Developments

There have been some exciting developments with the Xune Team recently… 


The “Grow With Xune” page is in full swing, a new page on our website focused on our partners, becoming a partner and our resources. Spencer has been writing the content for this page whilst Nabil has been creating the designs. Now that the designs are complete, they’re being sent over to the website design team to make them a reality. 


We’ve also done a performance review on our website and decided on some changes for our blogs, so expect to see blog changes in the upcoming weeks! 

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