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Xune Work Culture: Hello, Spring!

Hello Spring! Xune Life updates

Welcome to Xune Culture. This section is dedicated to giving you an insight into what happens behind the scenes, providing a weekly blog full of our current tasks and up to date achievements.

And We Keep on Growing!

Lock down really hasn’t stopped us, if anything it’s made the whole team even stronger! And work harder. As we continue to grow and scale up our current client’s businesses, so are we here at Xune. This week we are onboarding two more new and exciting clients. Another opportunity for Xune to help more companies achieve their goals.

“There is No Limit to What We, as Women, Can Accomplish” - Michelle Obama

Of course, Xune pride themselves on equality and their anti-discriminative culture. Our team is therefore super excited for our International Women’s Day event next week. ‘I Am Remarkable’ is a Google webinar to empower everyone – women, underrepresented groups and allies and recognise their achievements at work and beyond. 

Everyone here in the Xune team is pretty remarkable in their own unique way. And we are excited to celebrate that.

Xune work life updates, International women's day at Xune

Xune’s Well-Being Initiative

Robin Williams once said, “Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s Party!’”, and we couldn’t agree more. New month, new season, who dis? Spring is a time of new growth & fresh beginnings. With spring just around the corner, there’s a real sense of enthusiasm amongst the Xune team rounding off this first quarter.


As the whole nation will be easing out of a third lock down, experiencing some much needed rays and Xune onboarding two new clients – there’s no better excuse to party! (socially distance of course).

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