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Xune Work Culture: Happy International Women’s Week

Happy International Women's Week. Xune Life updates

Welcome to Xune Culture. This section is dedicated to giving you an insight into what happens behind the scenes, providing a weekly blog full of our current tasks and up to date achievements.

International Women’s Day at Xune

A wise woman once said “Who run the the world? – Girls!”. And to that we’d like to add ‘remarkable’ women and allies. As part of International Women’s Day here at Xune, the whole team took part in Google’s ‘I am Remarkable’ workshop facilitated by our very own superwoman and Creative Director Anna. Everyone took part and we discussed the importance of self promotion and reflecting on personal and professional achievements. And we’ll continue to keep supporting and uplifting one another.


We wouldn’t be where we are as a company, growing strength to strength without all the whole team. And we’re even luckier to have dynamic and inspirational women on our team, shoutout; Anna, Anastasija, Connie, Keavi, Maggie and Mihlali. 

Hey, ‘It’s not bragging if it’s true’

Knowledge is Empowerment - 20% Training Time

“If You Are Not Willing to Learn, No One Can Help You, If You Are Determined To Learn No One can Stop You”. – Zig Ziglar

There really is a quote for everything right! In all seriousness though, we wholeheartedly believe this here at Xune. And we champion the team, alongside their regular projects, to spend 20% of their time working on what they think will most benefit Xune and themselves.

It’s never a quiet week for us but personal growth and development is always a priority. Our Junior Marketer Elliot for example spent his 20% training this week, learning and working on a social media campaign plan for Xune. While the our Sales executives Ilya and Connie continue honing knowledge of the sales principles of: Connecting, Presenting and Closing. 

Knowledge is Power

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