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Xune Work Culture – Spring Excitement

Spring meadow

After a cold, dark winter in lockdown, we have reached spring and the sunshine is glistening through the window. It’s another morning at the Xune Solutions office and we are all preparing our tasks for the day and working out our priorities.

Website design, campaign planning, content creation and even app development, the past few weeks have been a hive of activity for all of the Xune team and that doesn’t look like stopping any time soon. We’ve got some big plans for this year and can’t wait to showcase our hard work…

Working hard

Adjusting After Lockdown

We’re nearly at the weekend now and the past few days have been exciting to say the least. People are steadily returning to the pubs, gyms and shops, life is slowly but surely returning to normal but we must be careful and continue with social distancing to avoid another outbreak. 

We’ve been very cautious with our social distancing throughout the entire pandemic. We still use hand sanitiser whenever we leave and return to the office and masks are still mandatory between rooms, but so far everyone has adapted well and everyone has returned to office life as usual. 

Apprentice Journey Is Coming To An End

In other areas of the Xune team, Maggie and Spencer have been preparing for the end of their journey as apprentices. The first additions to the team at Xune, they have been working hard for over a year and it’s finally time to reflect on their journey for the future. 

Digital marketing apprentices are required to go through a range of tasks, such as examinations, interviews and a marketing project to determine their grade and ability in marketing. 

Now that their journey is coming to an end, Maggie and Spencer are focusing a lot more on their apprenticeship work to get the best possible outcome. Once the apprenticeship is finished, they will both be qualified as digital marketers, how exciting?!

Daily “Ask Me Anything” Continues...

The past few weeks have seen the arrival of our new morning call, the “Ask Me Anything” directed by Misha, the managing director of Xune Solutions. This gives everyone an opportunity to ask Misha anything that might push our projects forward and bring our clients closer to their goals. The team has enjoyed the open forum and the chance to see things from a different perspective to their own. 

As the MD Misha has a long history of marketing expertise, his journey started in entrepreneurship and launching his own successful passive income eCommerce site many years ago and after 3 years working on the Google Digital Garage project across the UK teaching small businesses and other entrepreneurs how to grow he launched Xune Solutions to operate at a global level. So as you can imagine, he’s a great brain to pick if any of the team are looking for additional gains! 

Knowledge is Power

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