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Xune Work Culture: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Team Work

Welcome to Xune Culture. This section is dedicated to giving you an insight into what happens behind the scenes, providing a weekly blog full of our current tasks and up to date achievements.

"Individually, We Are One Drop. Together, We Are an Ocean." – Ryunosuke Satoro

Working as a team is very important to Xune culture: although everyone is temporarily working from home, team communication has never been stronger. Ideas are bouncing around and our team’s feet aren’t touching the ground!

Many of our digital marketing team are helping our web developers, with the administration team helping the digital marketers, and the sales team helping, well, everybody! (Whew, that was a mouthful).

With the company taking on brave new challenges for our valued clients, it can be confirmed that teamwork does in fact, make the dream work.

Xune’s Fur-Baby

In less cheesy news, Xune’s Junior Digital Marketer, Anastasija, has recently adopted a new cat! Meet Tiger. 

Tiger the Cat

Image: taken by Anastasija of her cat, Tiger. 

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